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sdnog Workshops on Network Technology aim to offer advanced training to people who are in the process of developing and enhancing an Internet-connected network in Sudan, The target audience includes senior and mid-level technical staff in IT field, Internet service providers (ISPs), academic networks, government networks, or NGO networks.

SdNOG has scheduled many workshops before, to know more check our Workshops schedule page.🗓

Workshop name Note
IPv6 Fundamentals Workshop weekly workshop
DNS Workshop weekly workshop
DNSSEC Workshop SdNOG-2 Meeting
Ethical Hacking Workshop weekly workshop
Hardening a web-server for the modern internet SdNOG-4 Meeting
High Availability in LAMP Stack workshop weekly workshop
How to Secure your Network Workshop SdNOG-3 Meeting
Internet Governance Forum weekly workshop
IPv6 Workshop SdNOG-4 Meeting
IXP Best Practices SdNOG-2 Meeting
Networks Fundamental Workshop weekly workshop
Network Management and Monitoring Workshop SdNOG-3 Meeting
Networking Best Practices Workshop SdNOG-2 Meeting
UNIX Boot Camp weekly workshop
UNIX/Linux, Networking and DNS Online Course ISOC Online Course
Automation Tool: Ansible SdNOG-5 Meeting
IPv6 for Services SdNOG-5 Meeting
Network Services and Monitoring Online Course ISOC Online Course
OpenStack Workshop weekly workshop
Ansible for DevOPs Workshop SdNOG-6 Meeting
Network Monitoring Workshop SdNOG-6 Meeting
Security Workshop - Ethical Hacking SdNOG-6 Meeting
Layer 2 Security Workshop weekly workshop
Build your own e-mail Server weekly workshop
Introduction to Git Workshop weekly workshop
Automation with Ansible weekly workshop
Automation with Ansible - Online Online workshop
ICANN DNS Workshop - Online Online workshop
BGP Resource Management Workshop - Online Online workshop