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We are planning to have our 6th event, but because of the recent changes that happening in Khartoum we are not sure when this conference can be held. please keep an eye on our mailing list, social media to know the updates.

SdNOG-6 Reports

  • Event Report
  • Financial Report

Sponsorship Opportunity

SdNOG forms an excellent platform for experts and people interested in networking and ICT to come together, to discuss related issues and suggest better ways for Internet governance and network management. Sponsoring SdNOG activities will give you the opportunity to meet the central people who effect the ICT sector, and will develop your social network and reveal potential opportunities. Moreover, it is a perfect opportunity to increase the visibility of your company, as a promoter of ICT in Sudan. In addition, helping such activities will enhance the knowledge level countrywide and thus improve quality of the employment market.
as we are now preparing to host our sixth meeting (SdNOG6) we are seeking all sort of sponsorships and/or partnership. if you interested please check our sponsorship benefits sheet