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This is the keystone foundation module for all our technical workshops. It gives the participants a solid understanding of IPv6's core concepts and is required for understanding all other IPv6 topics.


  • Identify, write and shorten IPv6 addresses
  • List the types of IPv6 addresses and their unique characteristics
  • Create an IPv6 address plan for a network
  • Identify and list the equivalent IPv4 key protocols in IPv6
  • Describe how NDP is used to deliver key IPv6 functions
  • Configure and verify basic IPv6 on hosts and routers

for more details check: http://learn.afrinic.net/en/course/ipv6/foundation


The registration is closed.

  • Please note there will be a selection process, and selected candidates will be contacted to confirm their participation.


Feedback from Mr.Musa

 Hello SdNOG, We had a great time thanks to you in Khartoum last week. On behalf of us all at AFRINIC, we thank you for joining us on this mission to   ensure that no network engineer gets left behind on the skills required to build and run IPv6 networks.
 We rate our workshops using the Net Promoter System which has a range of -100 → 100.  
 - International benchmark for IT Training is 70
 - On this workshop the score was 77. 

more info at: AFRINIC blog

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