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 The resources for this online workshop  are supported by the Internet Society.


Ansible is an open-source software provisioning, configuration management, and application-deployment tool to automate all your system work. this is 10-days , hands-on online workshop. You’ll get a comprehensive overview of Ansible and then dive into Ansible Roles and playbooks. in this online workshop You’ll get a comprehensive overview of Ansible and then dive into Ansible Roles and playbooks.

  • this is a 10-days , hands-on online Workshop .
  • Each trainee will be assigned a virtual server and will be required to build working services using Ansible tool
  • The Online Workshop is lab intensive (70%) with trainees provided with theory materials that they can read


By the end of the workshop, attendees will know how to use automation with Ansible to ease the burden of consistent configuration of servers and network devices and how to choose what/when to automate.

Workshop Level

intermediate Level


  • Participants should be familiar with Unix-style operating systems. The workshop is taught on UNIX "FreeBSD" but the environment will be familiar to people with a systems administration background on Debian or RedHat.
  • Knowledge of Linux/UNIX command line
  • Good understanding of network basics (IP networking)
  • Each participant will be assigned a virtual server to work on it , you only need a laptop with an internet connection for remote access to the server

Date & Time

  • 10 days. from 11 April 2020 to 21 April 2020

Moderation and Online Support

This online workshop will be moderated by

  • Eng. Manhal Mohamed
  • Eng. Sara Alamin
  • Eng. Abdulrahman Mohammed
  • Eng. Shimaa babiker Elmubark abd alraheem

Online remote support is available via Telegram Group only " group link will be sent to selected participates"


Day (1 & 2) : Introduction to Ansible

  1. Module-01: Introduction to Automation
  2. Assignment 01 : Introduction to Automation
  3. LAB01 : deploying Ansible
  4. Assignment 02: Ansible Ad-Hoc
  5. Quiz #1

Day (3 & 4): Ansible Playbook

  1. Module-02: Ansible Play and Play-books
  2. LAB02: play book to install pkg
  3. LAB03: show uptime of remote servers
  4. LAB04 : Ansible Variables
  5. LAB05: working with ansible loops

Day (5 & 6) : Ansible detailed Playbooks

  1. Module-03: Ansible detailed Playbooks
  2. LAB06: working with ansible loops-2
  3. LAB07: Ansible conditions
  4. Assignment 03 : Implementing Ansible Playbooks using templates

Day (7 & 8) : Ansible Roles

  1. Module-04: Ansible Roles
  2. LAB08: working with Ansible roles

Day (9 & 10): final Project


Participants who complete this online course successfully. ⭐️

Offline Materials

you can find the offline contenets of this workshop here