Ethical Hacking Workshop

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One Day workshop about Ethical Hacking and Information Security that will introduce a general background for students to know how to scan, test, hack and protect their own systems and gives each student in-depth knowledge and practical experience about the current essential security systems. It will also help them to understand how to secure and protect their networks.
The goal of this course is to help participants to master an ethical hacking methodology that can be used in a penetration testing or ethical hacking situation and its techniques.
This workshop is suitable for Network Engineers, Network Security Engineer, network administrators and for those who have strong interests in information security and hacking.

Workshop Level

Intermediate Level


  • Farah almohager
  • Mohaund Altayib


  • Participants must have a good knowledge about networking and IP addressing; also know the basic commands of Linux and how to work in UNIX systems.
  • Participants should bring a laptop computer to participate in the lab, with 4GB RAM as minimum.

Date & Time

  • Date: Saturday, x.x.x
  • Time: 9:30AM - 5:30PM


  • Introduction CHE
  • Foot printing
  • Scanning network
  • Enumeration
  • System hacking
  • Social Networking
  • Web hacking
  • Metasploit
  • Web application attack
  • Kali installation and configuration network.


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