Networking Best Practices Workshop

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This tutorial is aimed at teaching Best Practices in network deployment. The intent is to sensitise operators, and participants to things that they should be aware of, from a macro level, and to stimulate discussion, interest, and knowledge in the mechanisms for operation. It is not intended for this to be extremely low level.


The key ideas would be to talk about issues that operators should be engaged in already, in a 90min slot. Some topics for discussion could be:

  • the proper use of NMS systems
  • configuration management
  • IGP and EGP configuration and setup
  • routing and Switching
  • scaling virtualisation deployments

Since this would be tutorial style, it's intended for the discussions to be as interactive as possible, and, where possible, include hands-on practical sessions. It is also intended to be an introductory/refresher tools that we can use to gauge interest, and competency, that will allow us to plan for future workshops.

Note: attendance SdNOG-1 showed us a significant student population attending, so we expect that this workshop would be more appealing to them, vs. a more low-level, specific workshop on a particular topic.

A suggestion for the tutorial scheme could be:

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
Session 1 IP address space design and planning Routing - IGP and EGP best practices DNS
Session 2 IPv6 and its role in your network BCP 38 and routing sanity Configuration management
Session 3 Designing a switching environment Network management systems RIPE ATLAS Tutorial
Session 4 Designing a switching environment (cont) Network management systems Open Q&A

Instructor List

It is desirable that the instructor be experts in their respective areas of presentation, and have significant experience in the topics that they are presenting. Additionally, a good mix of local, and foreign expertise would be desirable, to allow for different points of perspective.

  • Christian Teuschel
  • Daniel Shaw
  • Hiba Abbas
  • Nishal Goburdhan
  • Patrick Okui
  • Sirag Aldeen Mahgoob