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SdNOG Workshops on Network Technology aim to offer advanced training to people who are in the process of developing and enhancing an Internet-connected network in Sudan, The target audience includes senior and mid-level technical staff in IT field, Internet service providers (ISPs), academic networks, government networks, or NGO networks.

Workshop name Note
DNS Workshop weekly workshop
DNSSEC Workshop SdNOG-2 Meeting
Ethical Hacking Workshop weekly workshop
Hardening a web-server for the modern internet SdNOG-4 Meeting
High Availability in LAMP Stack workshop weekly workshop
How to Secure your Network Workshop SdNOG-3 Meeting
IPv6 Workshop SdNOG-4 Meeting
IXP Best Practices SdNOG-2 Meeting
Networks Fundamental Workshop Weekly workshop
Network Management and Monitoring Workshop SdNOG-3 Meeting
Networking Best Practices Workshop SdNOG-2 Meeting
UNIX Boot Camp weekly workshop