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As at July 2015, there are known shortcomings to how the SIXP operates. With the assistance of PCH, the SdNOG team will host this workshop on IXP best practices as a pre-cursor to the SdNOG-2 event. It is intended that the event will attract the key stakeholders for the SIXP, as well as the relevant participants from the NTC and NIC.


The workshop is intended to be a one day event, split between, an understanding of the economic elements, and strategic objectives of an IXP; it's role in the local Internet economy, and technical and operational management. The table below has a suggested overview of the topics that would be addressed.

Day 3 : 25 August 2015 Topic
Session 1 Internet Economics; the value of peering and the role of the IXP in the Internet economy

Discussion: Strategies for IXP development.

Session 2 Regulatory best practices for economic growth

Total Internet security of a country.

Session 3 Technical operations and management
Session 4

Instructor List

Nishal Goburdhan, PCH