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SdNOG started as an idea between Sara Alamin and Hiba Abbas, to create an environment where the technical people in Sudan could co-ordinate, and communicate amongst themselves. Both Sara and Hiba had been participants at other NOG events, and had admired the spirit of participation amongst the technical community, and felt that this was missing in Sudan, and that they could do something to help fix and improve that.

While the idea grew from discussions between them, today SdNOG belongs to the Internet community in Sudan. It's made up of participants from the private sector, government and regulatory sectors, educational sectors, as well as many international participants, all working to further the SdNOG goal's of improved communication amongst the Sudanese technical community, both inside, and outside Sudan.

SdNOG is split into several functioning units:

And, of course, the community, which is largely the good people on our mailing lists  :-)