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The Program Committee known here and after as "PC" is a temporary unit formed by SdNOG executive committee "EC" in time of events. The PC is mandated in every conference and tasked to select and formulate the event program. PC constitutes of volunteer members of the community and directly reporting to EC. The operation of the PC will be governed by following policies and any information related to its operation must be availed to the community by EC upon request.

Scope and Objectives

PC will manage the call for presentation process and oversee any related activities to construct an event program with cooperation and in line with EC guidelines.


PC is comprised of:

    • Co-chairs: Two chairs will cooperate to manage committee work and insure its efficiency.
    • Secretariat: will be responsible of meetings organisation and documentation along with serving as focal point with EC for further communication and administrative support.
    • Members: will work under the co-chairs to achieve the specified objectives.


Meetings will be done routinely as agreed upon by PC members using any means of communication and under the supervision of co-chairs to facilitate completion of PC mission.


    • PC will operate within the framework set by EC and will refer back to EC in case of any ambiguity.
    • Any PC or EC member is not allowed to submit more than two presentations per any event for review.
    • A PC member cannot review his own submissions and he shouldn't influence the review process by any means or get any special treatment as a result of his position. In case of doubts, cases must be reported to EC for guidance as applicable.
    • PC must insure fair and equal treatment for all submitted presentation.
    • PC must keep track of reviews and summary points for archiving and audit purposes.
    • PC should strive to strike balance between community proposals as indicated in surveys results and the mission of SdNOG as much as possible.
    • PC must try their best efforts to produce an event program by seeking relevant content and Stay aware of the topics that addresses the needs and interests of the SdNOG community.