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Info-icon.png This page will mention some guidelines to edit the wiki pages, We recommend to check this page first before starting editing. and if you have any questions don't hesitate to send an email to info@sdnog.sd
Info-icon.png Since sdnog-5 we decided to write sdnog all in lowercase.

Editing a page

  • Each page you will write need to be linked to other page, or mentioned on other page. otherwise the page will be orphaned and no one will access it.
  • Each page and image need to be tagged to one/more Category. on the top of the page add these lines:
e.g: [[Category:SdNOG]]

and here a list of the categories we have:

  • Announcement‏‎ : for sdnog announcements and advertisements
  • Best Practices ‏‎: technical guides for configuring, setup a network stuff
  • Bureaucracy‏‎ : for administration use.
  • Events‏‎ : for sdnog activities like: conference, workshop, forum, online-course,...
  • Feedback‏‎ : for Survey and comments about sdnog activities
  • Icon‏‎ : for icons that been used in this wiki.
  • Logistics‏‎ : for the administrative,logistic work to organise sdnog activity
  • People‏‎ : sdnog team, voulunteers ...etc
  • Plans‏‎ : for future use. things need to be done
  • SdNOG‏‎ : this is the master category for this wiki.
  • Sponsors‏‎ : about sdnog sponsors
  • Store‏‎ : to list sdnog stuff, what we have in our stock
  • Templates‏‎ : text formats can be used for adv, announcement ...etc
  • Workshops‏‎ : sdnog activities workshop, fourm, online-course ...etc

Drawing a Flowchart

To draw a flowchart or gantt chart use Mermaid extension. at this page you find the syntax for mermaid diagrams

Adding an Image

Adding an Icon

We have already uploaded some icons, please note before uploading a new icon; check if it is already here or not.

icon used for example
Check-icon.png check-icon for listing or checking lists Post-event Activities
Info-icon.png info-icon for notification and box-message Example
Warning-icon.png warning-icon for notification and box-message Example
Feedback-icon.png feedback-icon for surveys and comments Example

Upload new icon

  • get the transparent version
  • name the icon photo as same format
e.g Check-icon
e.g Info-icon
  • make sure to add the icon to the "icon category"

Adding a text message box