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This is a simple address space template that can be used when requesting IP address space from AfriNIC. This has previously worked for Nishal when requesting address space for iWeek. Note that if you require an ASN for use, you have to show that you'll be connecting to two, or more ISPs. Usually, a simple email confirmation from a technical contact at each ISP is sufficient for this.

With 220 confirmed participants for the plenary event, and bearing in mind that we have to be able to cater for 2.5x devices per person, *and* be able to cover the eventuality that everyone *could* potentially switch over to any single network at any time, our simple network plan is thus:

Internal Use: 
* Management addresses (ie. that used for management purposes - like loopbacks and address for every wireless AP):  /26
* Secure management network:  noc server, dns server, etc.  /27
* Spare unrouted pool:  /27
* Secretariat + NOC (ie. staff) network:  /25

General purpose:  
* Training rooms:	 /24
* Wifi - 2.4ghz:	/22
* Wifi - 5ghz:  	/22
* 6to4 experiment:	/24

There is no need to provide IPv6 address plans as this fits neatly into a /48, which is AfriNIC's minimum IPv6 allocation