Edrich de Lange

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Edrich de Lange

Edrich de Lange has been working in the Internet Service Provice (ISP) sector since 2008. He co-owns and operates an ISP in Durban, South Africa, and still finds time to consult numerous operators in the region.

Edrich is passionate about community engagement, and spends a significant amount of his personal time working on community related activities, from music to Information and Communication Technology (ICT).
 He has served as chair of INX-ZA, a division of ISPA (South Africa’s Internet Service Providers’ Association) which operates community-run Internet exchange points in WP:Johannesburg_Internet_Exchange Johannesburg (JINX), Cape Town (CINX) and Durban (DINX) and a founding member of ZANOG, South Africa’s network operator’s group, and has been using this, as a vehicle to promote Internet self-development and innovation.