UNIX/Linux, Networking and DNS Online Course: Participants' Feedback

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caption Your valuable feedback will assist us in our continuing effort to provide the best possible always . Thank You for sharing!

Thanks SDNOG for the great opportunity has given to me, I thought linux and DNS are very difficult areas to login, you proved to me that it's   interesting exciting and you encourage me to take more courses and gain more knowledge in these two topics. I believe I will be lucky if you keep involve us in such courses. Many thanks again.

Nahid Elhussein Ahmed
1 August 2018

It's powerful course ,l have learned new topics like configure  a DNS and working with free-BSD operating system and Unix/Linux basics  , I enjoyed during I studying course content. My teacher eng-manhal help me to get more knowledge about course content and solving problems 
Thanks ISOC , SDNOG 😍

Mojahid Mohammed Ali
Computer Engineering
Alzaeim Alazhari University
vim editorي سلام..انا استفدت شديد من التجربة دي...نزلت ترينتق في هواوي.  اول تاسك إحتجت  
حسيت بالثقه وانا بشتغل التاسك 😂..بجد شكرا
لانو الكورس كان مشروح كويس جدااا....دا بس كمثال 
شكرا ي منهل وساره 
thanks SdNOG & ISOC

هند ابوبكر
علوم الحاسوب

It was a great opportunity to take part of this awesome course. Although, I started it with a little doubt of not to be able to mange it, I completed it with the same spirit of adventure as at the beginning. This because of the wise coaching and of course the well designing and smooth flow of the course materials and quizzes. I strongly recommend it to my colleagues and friends.

Ammar Mokhtar
1 August 2018
This has been a fantastic course I think it is great value and I have come away with a huge amount of UNIX/LINUX Networking and DNS informations ,  the acquired skills learned in this course will greatly help me achieve my goals in work and my study field

Mohanad Osman Siddeig
1 August 2018
I really enjoyed in this course it's very clear , i started using some of unix/linux distributions for afew years ago but what i learned in this course was very informative . I recommend to anyone that interesting in UNIX and DNS . Thank you SdNOG and ISOC and special thanks to Eng. Manhal , she give us the tools that we need.

Mohammed O.S Elbadawy
Computer Science
 First of all i would like to thank ISOC and SdNOG for this opportunity. 
 great teacher, great training course.
 Secondly i think the instructor Miss.mnhal she is genuinely cared about making the material interesting and comprehensible to everyone. Great attitude  about teaching.

Mohamed Suleiman Abdalla
ISOC-Sudan chapter
 A BIG Thank You to isoc & SdNOG for a brilliant course. I enjoyed it right from the start , it took me 3 weeks to read & study to the lectures and   attempt all of the assignments . I did this in spite of having a very busy and challenging day job only because of the quality of the course and the  wonderful teacher Manhal. Thank you again !
Waeil Hassan
August 2018
Well, it's been a pleasure to be an attendee to this rich online course, with such an active mentor Ostaza Manhal, and a group of students with well breeding. I hope this activity keeps going to spread the useful knowledge, and good luck to whoever is part of running this out.

Mohamedelfatih Elamin
September 2018
This course is very helpful for me and for those who doesn’t have any experience with Linux\Unix OS to put them in the right path to be professional, and to get the fundamental tools to create a DNS Server. Special thanks to our moderator Eng. Manhal for make it very easy to be understandable and listened carefully to our questions and give us all the tips that necessary for successful completion of this course.
Motaz Abdelhalim
ISOC - Sudan Chapter
September 2018
Thank SdNOG and internet society For your efforts with us in Cours Introduction to Network Operations: UNIX/LINUX, Networking and DNS 

Limia Mohamed
September 2018

فى البدا الحمد والشكر لله على توفيقه * 

 و شكرا لأساتذة منهل واس دي نوق و الدفعه كلهم بالجد انا بالنسبه لي معرفتكم براها كنز و ما قصرو * 

الكورس كان ظريف و ممتع جدا انا بالجد ضاف لي كتيير خصيصا انا ياداب داخل السنه التالته لسه م اخدنا شيء عن الشبكات فكانت ضربت البدايه لي في عالم الشبكات * 
واحلى شيء طبعا فكرت الاونلاين كورس يااخ شكرا لاي زول ساهم فى الكورس ده وان شاء الله يكون في المزيد من الكورسات الاونلابن دى بتحل مشكلت الضغط والزمن الزول م بلقى زمن لكورس بس الاونلاين ده بسااعد كتيير*

محمد ابراهيم حسين 
جامعه الزعيم الازهرى 
هندسة حاسوب

The course was very enjoyable, from easy access to content to the smooth  exercise, and the group communication, which makes you never get bored, but get more interested and focused on the course .I think it was a very  educated and joyfully opportunity for us.
Thank you for giving us this opportunity and indeed  thanks to the wonderful teacher (Manhal).               
Abd alazeim
Software engineer
First of all, I am so greatful for giving me the opportunity through this course.
It was wonderful to be part of the group, it was over exceptions of any online course.
Having practical objects was surprised me, for my point of view it is only for another courses not online ones.
I am really appreciated you letting me chosen. Very good contents, great practice and astonishing teacher.
Thank you very much.
Azza Izzaldeen Hasbalrasool
University of Gazira        
Frist of all it's my pleasure to one of this class and of this online course as well it was the best online course that I attended in terms of topics and lab, out standing candidates and teacher, I am lucky to be on of this course 

Mohamed Adam Ibrahim Yousif
Nile Center For Technology Research
Alneelain University
As one of my best experiences in my career is SDNOG introduction to network operation based on freeBSD which i learned a lot of things during the period as it was helpful, informative and organized in perfect way according to specific period. Beside the teaching methodology which T.manhl following was very good, smooth and felixaeble.
Thank you SDNOG and thank you all for having the opportunity to be one of you💚

Ahmed Baha Aldein
Sudan university of science and technology
System and networks department.
It was a nice chance to joined this group and the community , And really I practiced so much job benefits and got good experience from the course , Hoping to meet again. Thanks a lot miss Manhal for this chance 

Mohamed Taj Elanabia Ali Eldawi
Healthcare Management System
Royal Care International Hospital
بالنسبة لي كانت بداية جميلة في المجال دة ما بي سبب الكورس بس ..
 الكورس ممكن يتلقي اونلاين في اي مكان لكن بسبب النظام المتّبع في التعليم و التفاعل اللقيتو مع قروبي و التيم وورك و المساهمة في التعلم معاً .. شكراً 
SdNOG شكراً isoc شكراً منهل شكراً قروب 6

علي محمد