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To check hotels in Khartoum you can check out what Tripadvisor says about hotels in Khartoum. For the past few SdNOG events, most of the foreign guests have been staying at the Paradise Hotel.

Visa and other legal requirements

  • All visitors to Sudan need a passport that is valid for another six (6) months, and a visa, and, at least 100USD in cash.
  • All foreigners will be required to register with the local immigration authority within three (3) days of arrival.
  • To register, go to the Aliens Registration Bureau at Shari'a Al Sahafa Zat, Khartoum, close to Sudan University for Science and Technology, with passport sized photos required and 50USD. Photo permits can be obtained for free from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism at Shari'a Al-Mashtal, Al Riyad.
  • Most hotels can register you upon payment of a commission. Also note that the hotel will keep your passport for the time your staying.
  • If you're planning on travelling outside of Khartoum and Khartoum North, you'll need a travel permit.


  • Be aware that international credit card facilities are not available in Sudan. Visitors are encouraged to carry sufficient cash to transact as per their needs. Currency exchange can be done at the Forex Bureau at the airport, or at any major bank, or hotel.
  • The currency used in Sudan is the Sudanese Pound (SDG).

You can use the online currency converter:


Arabic is the official local language spoken. English is not widely spoken.

Time Zone and others misc

  • TZ: UTC +2
  • Power: 220VAC
  • Type: BS1363 (british plug) mostly

Places to see

  • Nile Street
  • Sudan Presidential Palace Museum
  • Confluence of the Blue and White Nile (Al-Mogran)
  • Sudan National Museum
  • Sudan Ethnographic Museum
  • Souq Omdurman