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This page is intended to list all planning for activities related to the sdnog events.

Program Layout

sdnog meeting usually divided into workshops and conference. Each workshop will have approximately 30 -40 participants, and the conference which expected to have from 300 - 350 participants in 2 days.

SdNOG meeting
Date Room-1 Room-2 Room-3
Day 1 Workshop #1 Workshop #2 Workshop #3
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4 Plenary Day 1
Day 5 Plenary Day 2

Information required

  • Style of event whether it is workshops or plenary or both.
  • Number of expected participants per each day.
  • Seating style whether it is round table, class room or theatre for each day.
  • Time for breaks and lunch.
  • Number of podium, headset, wireless and stands microphones.
  • Number of projectors.
  • Tables or any other special requirements.
  • Number of chairs in the registration desk.
  • Number of people in tech support table.

Logistics needed

  • Focal technical point.
  • Focal catering point.
  • Focal point for rooms reservations.


  • Number of tea breaks and menu
  • Lunch menu
  • lead time for notification.

Network Setup

SdNOG Meeting Network Setup page contains the detailed about how to setup the network for SdNOG meetings.

Lanyards and Badges

The lanyards, and badge cases are once again being sponsored, and will be hand carried into Khartoum by Nishal. This year, the badge cases are size A6, ie. 105mm × 148mm. Badges will be double-printed; ie. the participant and sponsor details will appear on both the front and the back of the badge. The badge will need to be cut (likely horizontally), and then folded once vertically. Two badges should be produced per single A4 sheet.

More details on the badges and lanyards are on the badges and lanyards design page.

Overall Task Schedule


 - EC: Event Coordinator
 - PC: Program Coordinator
 - FO: Financial Officer
 - TO: Technical Officer
 - MO: Media Officer
 - PR: Public Relation Officer 

Completed: Task finished and documented if applicable.
Pending: Task not started yet.
Running: Started but not completed.
Cancelled: Task not needed for defined reason.

# Action Owner Target Date Status Outcome
1 Determine event dates All - -
2 Determine event venue EC - -
3 Presentation submission tool PC - -
4 Open Call for presentations PC -
5 Publish final agenda PC - Final agenda on the website
6 Open registration EC -
7 Close registration and select participants - -
8 Sponsorship All - - Thanks page on SdNOG website
9 Advertisement MO - -
10 Promotion materials All -
11 Budget management All - - SdNOG Finance report published on the website
12 Video streaming TO - publish it on sdnog Youtube channel
13 Promotional video - published on SdNOG website
14 Survey revision -
15 Organization update presentation - - -
16 Volunteers EC - - Thanks page on SdNOG website
17 Photography - - - Upload the meeting photos on Flickr
18 Event (facilitators/ presenters) - - -
19 Event network setup TO -
20 Logistics for speakers EC - Visa + accommodation + customs
21 Opening ceremony/invitations preparations - -
22 Event materials packing All -
23 Photographing MO -