ICANN DNS Workshop

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Domain Name System "DNS" is one of the core services in the Internet, it translates domain names to IP addresses. This is a 3-days, online theoretical workshop in collaboration with ICANN. You’ll get a comprehensive overview of DNS operations, abuse and security.


By the end of the workshop, attendees will know what is DNS? how it works? how to prevent DNS abuse and how to secure it?

Workshop Level

Beginner Level


  • Good understanding of network basics (IP networking)

Date & Time

  • 3 days: from 16 - 18 February 2021


This online workshop will be delivered by

  • Paul Muchene
  • Yazid Akanho


Day (1): DNS Operations

  1. What is DNS?
  2. Some common DNS records
  3. DNS resolution process
  4. Caching
  5. Some best practices

Day (2): DNS Abuse

  1. What is abuse of DNS?
  2. Categories of DNS abuse
  3. Solutions overview
  4. Recommendations

Day (3): DNSSEC

  1. Why DNSSEC ?
  2. What does DNSSEC protect and what doesn’t it protect?
  3. DNSSEC deployment status around the world and in the region.
  4. Who can implement DNSSEC?
  5. Overview of DNSSEC concepts and new resource records.

Offline Materials