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Template:TOCRight sdnog is a non-profit organisation that provide an open forum to be used by any interested member from the Internet Community in Sudan to exchange technical information and expertise in networking. sdnog is managed and organised by a group of volunteers with the aim of capacity building and technology development within Sudan.


Provision of open platform for knowledge exchange, capacity building and technical collaboration.


  • To bring together the region’s network engineers in a functional technical community
  • To provide an opportunity for the exchange of information among network operators, engineers, researchers and other professionals close to the network community.
  • To enhance the quality of Internet services available in Sudan by exchanging of technical ideas and information between different companies and organizations.
  • To provide Network education, Capacity building and knowledge transfer
  • Promotion of the use of open source with technical community.

Logos and Logo Usage

sdnog has a fairly liberal logo usage policy. Please see our Logo Usage page for more information on our different logos, and when and how to use these.

Banking Information

We find a way to open account for sdnog at Bank of Khartoum. we still working on the procedures.

Contact Information

sdnog is run by a group of volunteers. While we try our best to be easily reachable, there may be times when we're otherwise occupied; please accept our heartfelt apologies for that. For generic requests, you can send mail to: {}.

Our postal address is:

Telephone: +249-157898600
Fax: +249-157898500