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US sanctions against Sudan were in place since 1997. From 2017 US government has been gradually lifting sanctions against Sudan. And on 20 May 2021; OFAC removed Sudan from the list of State sponsors of terrorism.

As a result,Sudan should be able to engage with all entities were previously blocked and able to access and use hundreds of web sites, applications, software, services those were not accessible before.

Sudan is A country with more than 42 Million people, 28 Million of them are mobile users and 18.5 Million are internet users. Sudan GDP is around 32.2 Bn $ ,Sudanese people after 2018 great revolution are looking forward to fully engage with the world, especially after the left of all sanctions, people looking forward to new era lead by youth. (by TPRA)

even though sanctions have been removed but still a lot of services are not yet working maybe they did not updates their policies yet. we sdnog (presenting Sudan Community ) collaborating with Telecommunications and Post Regulatory Authority(TPRA) to do this initiative trying to reach out to the operators of blocked services to work with to add sudan to the whitelist.

Examples for blocked Services

  • Access Denied
Access denied-vmware.png

  • Service not Available
Service not available.png